About Fridays For Future’s Second Anniversary

Two years ago today, a young Swedish girl started a school Strike to protest her leader’s inaction against the climate crisis.‬

‪This day, Greta started a Revolution. She gave millions of young people, who like me, didn’t believe in our power to make change,‬ ‪the opportunity to fight and have a voice. I will never be able to thank her enough for what the Fridays For Future movement gave me. Last year for the first anniversary of the Fridays For Future, I wrote this (https://medium.com/@ClementFavaron/about-fridays-for-futures-first-anniversary-by-clement-favaron-96685ccab9e). Everything that I said one year ago‬ ‪still stands. FFF’s my family and it shaped who I am today.‬

‪But also, today, exactly 2 years after Greta started the school strikes movement, we must acknowledge something else. Something it’s hard to talk about and accept. The fact that so far, we failed. ‬

‪We have to say it.‬ ‪Yes, we changed mentalities. Yes we raised awareness. Yes we changed the outcome of elections. But the Climate Crisis is still a thing, and action is not. Emissions are still up (dropped due to a global catastrophe but that’s not likely to mean any real change). There is‬ simply no way to say we succeeded. I know it’s hard and painful. But it’s the truth. We’re tired and after the pandemic we just want to live and have fun. I do too. But we must not stop fighting. And we won’t. The fight goes on.‬‬‬

‪On September 25, #SeeYouOnTheStreets ‬‬‬



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