All Of Us — International Women’s Day 2020

A woman has to work harder if she wants to compete with male colleagues.

A woman has to work more if she wants to get paid the same.

A woman has to be better if she wants to access the same jobs.

Today, a young girl does not have the same chances as a young boy.

Saying that we have achieved gender equality because in the law, women are equal to men is a lie. Saying that is lying to every woman and every young girl in the world, to half of all human beings on this planet.

For centuries, religion and beliefs have kept women out of the public debate, out of politics, out of everything. And the world is still controlled by men. Just look at a picture of a meeting of world leaders, CEOs or any other so-called important people.

Regardless of common beliefs are, facts confirm that girls perform better in school than boys. Studies show that in politics, women represent their voters better than men. Countries, where women and men are more equal, have fewer social problems, and are better on climate action, too.

Being a feminist and fighting for women’s rights is not only about going out in the street each 8th of March. It’s about respecting girls and women, treating them exactly as you would treat a boy or a man. It’s an everyday fight and it requires all of us. We won’t achieve anything unless all girls, boys, women and men fight together.

I don’t want you to celebrate Women’s Day. Keep in mind that tomorrow should also be Women’s Day. And the day after too. Every day should be Women’s Day.

I want you to make sure that every day of your life you do everything you can to make Gender Equality a reality.




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Clement Favaron

19yo political activist. Just trying to make the world a slightly better place.