Our Minister of Education manipulated us

Clement Favaron
2 min readNov 25, 2020

Last Friday, an investigation revealed that our Ministry of Education had orchestrated the creation of a high school union in order to block other unions from getting coverage and to support the Government’s plans.
It was while the Yellow Vests movement was at its peak, with high schools blocked all across the country.
The Minister abused of his power, gave high positions to members of Macron’s party youth organization, and gave them fundings (65,000€) for nothing, while cutting funds to other long-established student unions. The Ministry illegally used these young people, *suggesting* ways to communicate, hashtags to use (that would later be the name of the new union) and re-writing press releases.

The press releases of this new illegitimate union were read to a lot of high-school students at the time (including my class for example). They told us about how dangerous the people protesting outside were. How we didn’t have the right to go on a strike.

But this government has no shame.
This is minors’ corruption and illegal use of public money.

We’ve been manipulated. We’ve been used for political purposes. Me and my entire generation. We already had to deal with their profoundly stupid and unfair reform they were deciding, and they manipulated us for their political agenda.

Clement, 11/26, Originally posted on Twitter as a thread




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